Kyla Matton Osborne brings decades of writing experience to work for her clients. She specializes in a number of subject areas, from writing tips and social issues, to lifestyle topics. Kyla particularly likes to write about the history of food, and about special needs populations.

Kyla's writing has appeared online, and in print publications like The Senior Times. She has written for the Jukaido-Kan International Ju-Jutsu Association, is rated as an Expert Writer by Hire Writers, and has been a Featured Contributor on Associated Content/Yahoo! Contributor Network, in the areas of Health & Wellness, and Education.

With a background in education, social sciences and health, Kyla holds an AEC in Gerontology. She is Anglophone by birth, and has lived and worked in French in the province of Quebec. Some of Kyla's past projects include fiction writing, and creating quality restorations of period textbooks and children's literature.

Kyla lives in the British Columbia interior, transplanted from Quebec. She is mom to four beautiful and talented kids, three of whom have special needs. Her interests include slow food, youth and families, disabilities, literacy, social justice, bilingualism, ethnology, needlework, and esoterica.

Like Heinlein, Kyla believes that specialization is for insects.

Writing Services

Kyla is available for your freelance writing and ghostwriting, book review services, and translation (French to English.) Please see the Contact page for more details on how to reach me. I look forward to working with you!