Saturday, 17 May 2014

Returning After a Break

A path runs alongside a fence in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia. A bench and lamp post are visible in the foreground and a greenhouse in the background. Deciduous trees are bare.

A great deal has changed in my life over the past few years. I moved once from the city to a small town in the country. And not long afterwards, I moved all the way across the country to settle in another small town nestled in the Kootenay Mountains.

For a long while we were without internet at home, or we were sharing our internet while we were staying with family and getting settled. During that time I wasn't really able to write. I worked on a few odd jobs for a friend who needed extra writers to produce content for her contracts, and I tried my hand at translation as a favour for a colleague. Besides those few projects, I'd really not been writing because too much was going on in the rest of my life. Family became the priority.

Roughly a year ago I took up writing for Bubblews just to make a little spending money. I had a number of friends who were doing well there, and because the site is not very demanding it felt like a good place to get my feet wet again after a long absence. It also proved to be a good introduction to web writing for a couple of friends who had little to no experience as writers!

If you are looking for an easy introduction to web writing, Bubblews is a good place to start. Revenue adds up quickly and the payout is fairly fast once you reach the minimum. At present, it takes roughly two weeks after the minimum of $50 is reached.

Writing can be on almost any topic; even personal journal entries are accepted. Posts must be a mere 400 characters long at minimum, so those who worry they can't find anything to say have nothing to worry about. And even rambling journal entries will get traffic!

If you would like to try your hand at writing online and earn a little money doing it, feel free to sign up using my referral link. Once you arrive at Bubblews you can leave a message for me so I know you're there, and I will pop over to your profile to check out what you're writing about.

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